Kim Basinger’s Early 80s Nudes

Kim Basinger‘s had a rather unique career and led an interesting life.  Sure, there’ve been lots of other models since her who’ve made the transition to acting.  A parallel, for instance, can be drawn with one of today’s hottest babes, Olga Kurylenko, who also started out as a model and then made the shift to film, and who is now hot property as the latest Bond girl.  But Kim Basinger beats her in terms of daring and sex appeal, because Basinger made the transition while deciding to pose for Playboy!

This career gambit has been used by other stars in the 90s, like Drew Barrymore, to strategically boost their media mileage for a while, but Kim did it back in 1983, making her a pioneer.  And here we have some of the photos from that Playboy issue, for those who doubt Kim Basinger’s hotness because they only know of her from her recent, more mature roles.  Kim Basinger at her prime could stand toe-toe-to with any of today’s celeb cuties in terms of hotness, and that sexy body of hers is here for you to examine.

If you’ve had the hots for this MILFy momma for some time now, all this isn’t news to you, but for those who’re finally opening up to the pleasures of seeing Kim Basinger naked, there’s lots more where that came from if you click on that link back there…

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