Naked Kim Basinger banged by BBC

March 16th, 2016 by jayq

It’s utter BS whenever old people say that the young generation nowadays are worthless and only gives time being wild bitches, spreading legs and young males experimenting with sex so early in their lives instead of concentrating on their studies. For all I know, being a feisty lil cunt dates back to years when most of us weren’t born yet and being whores at a tender age isn’t just about the ladies of the 20th century. Because you see, Kim started young in this field and it’s all caught in this video. She started a career in modeling and as she met a lot of different people in various industries, she eventually left strutting her tush on the catwalk for acting on TV and films.

Kim Basinger sucks and fucks rough

But even before she jumped into a new platform of her career, she left us with a souvenir that would change the way you see that finesse woman that she is today. Here she is enjoying a wild fuck session with one of the models she worked with. A fine ripped black dude with a size of a cock that could tear any lady’s tight pussy apart. But since Kim might have been going on rounds of sex with men with massive boners before this, she got her cunt stretched pretty good already.

Kim Basinger naked pics from way back

April 30th, 2010 by kimila

GILF or MILF…eitherway Kim Basinger is undeniably one hot momma we’ve all jacked over at one point in our lives. She just defines the grace of mystery and sex in every way. If you compare her with the celebwhores in Hollywood today like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Megan Fox, those celebrities are hot but one thing they lack of is the art of seduction.

Unlike Kim Basinger, they don’t show seduction and mystery…they shows off their tits and pussy right away leaving no imagination to the male eye. As a man, we sometimes need our heads to be working as to fulfill a more erotic orgasm. These Hollywhores are no match for Kim Basinger at her prime and if you remember how stunning these shots of Kim Basinger naked in Playboy and in any other magazines her beautiful body has graced you would definitely agree with me.

Newer Kim Basinger Nudes

December 1st, 2008 by kimila

Now that we’ve featured Kim Basinger’s naked body back when she was still a young hottie, here’s a treat for those of you who’re into the hot MILF that Kim Basinger is now.  Mature babes are really sexy, aren’t they?  It’s not just their hot bodies and beautiful faces that get us aroused, it’s the knowledge of how experienced they are in the erotic arts that really gets us all hot n’ bothered.  So here’s a more recent nude image of Kim Basinger to feast your eyes on and fantasize about.  She’s still got that hot body that’s been seen everywhere from the big screen to the pages of Playboy magazine, and you can bet that she’s still as saucy as ever.  There are lots of more recent Kim Basinger escapades that are as raunchy as this one, if you know where to find them.  Well, if you don’t, here’s a clue — just check out this site to find her doing all those naughty things you fantasize about seeing her do, as well as lots more celebrities getting down and dirty!  Easy, isn’t it?

Kim Basinger’s Early 80s Nudes

November 30th, 2008 by kimila

Kim Basinger‘s had a rather unique career and led an interesting life.  Sure, there’ve been lots of other models since her who’ve made the transition to acting.  A parallel, for instance, can be drawn with one of today’s hottest babes, Olga Kurylenko, who also started out as a model and then made the shift to film, and who is now hot property as the latest Bond girl.  But Kim Basinger beats her in terms of daring and sex appeal, because Basinger made the transition while deciding to pose for Playboy!

This career gambit has been used by other stars in the 90s, like Drew Barrymore, to strategically boost their media mileage for a while, but Kim did it back in 1983, making her a pioneer.  And here we have some of the photos from that Playboy issue, for those who doubt Kim Basinger’s hotness because they only know of her from her recent, more mature roles.  Kim Basinger at her prime could stand toe-toe-to with any of today’s celeb cuties in terms of hotness, and that sexy body of hers is here for you to examine.

If you’ve had the hots for this MILFy momma for some time now, all this isn’t news to you, but for those who’re finally opening up to the pleasures of seeing Kim Basinger naked, there’s lots more where that came from if you click on that link back there…

Kim Basinger Naked With Alec Baldwin In The Getaway

November 30th, 2008 by kimila

Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin‘s marriage and subsequent divorce has been tabloid fodder for the last few years.  It wasn’t a pretty ending to a Hollywood fairy tale romance, but then again, who says it was a fairy tale from the start?  Kim and Alec met on the set of 1991 film “The Marrying Man“, and the two teamed up on the big screen again for the remake of the Sam Peckinpah-helmed Steve McQueen-starrer “The Getaway” when they were already married.  Both films weren’t really hits for the both of them; could this have been an omen of how their relationship would turn out?  Well, all that’s of interest for those who like to follow the relationships of these stars, but what we loved about the Baldwin-Basinger connection and their team-up in “The Getaway” is the nude scene Kim did with Alec!  Check out some sizzling hot screencaps from that film showing Kim Basinger receiving some oral from Alec Baldwin.  This is Basinger at her hottest, and you can see her sweet tits all firm and perky.  She’s at her prime as a Hollywood sex symbol here, and we’re all horny for her!  Check out more of this Southern belle’s hottest big screen moments by clicking on this link